really virtual

note to self: headbanging is BAD.
was dragged out last night (almost literally too *grin*) G and M visited and decided that a 140 mile trip deserved a night out… men. lol so Jillys Rockworld became the destination of choice, was amusing to see their faces inside – poor lads had never been to a rock club before, i have a funny feeling they’ll be going again, ladies in leather and pvc definitely did something for them lol
G is officially a tart – yes honey and i know you will be reading this, the link is currently winging its way to your inbox. THREE phone numbers…? why…? you dont even live in this neck of the woods!! though i know s was impressed… you snake oil salesman you *kiss* but i love ya really – glad you had a good night.

saw quite a few old faces last night too, was good. i should really go out more, but would i have as much fun if i did? thats the question.
Besides, I feel that my virtual life is just as important as my real one… i was getting text messages all the time i wasnt online from people demanding my presence, as well as 1 notable answerphone message (cheers J *grin* but a very broad and drunken scottish accent is not the easiest of things to decipher… even when in full command of my faculties ;o> )
i hate it when my lives conflict, its so difficult sometimes to choose between them. There are many people i consider good friends (several of whom i have yet to meet in person) and i hate missing out on any time i could be spending with them – whether virtually or in real time.

Lets face it *grin* i need to start doing the lottery, and winning.