I’sa workin’ gal now!

well.. today has been a good day, last night was a good night… all is good and happy in the land of the vicky *grin*

Got dragged to Preston on sunday to a yates’s by G (karoke comp run along the lines of fame academy, £10,000 prize plus recording contract… im a bit dubious about that last one..) G got through, i wasnt in the mood and felt out of place – seriously, the beautiful people are in preston. the yates to be precise. jeans, trainers and scruffy top, no makeup… i was the house minger lol
i got a leeeeetle bit drunk *hangs head in shame
ah well.. i still managed to make it to my job interview on monday – and I GOT THE JOB!!! WOOHOO! yay! hoopla! though it doesnt start til the 14th april *sigh* 2 more months of being skint. but im now employed :oD so all is good.
Went to the ritz (getting to be a habit that…) spur of the moment decision to get out of the house and celebrate something. was a good night… managed to dance like a dervish, even embarrassed this drunken fool… i dont take too kindly to cries of “ere love, LOVE! are you looking for a boy friend or are you a lesbian?”
i felt it was my duty to respond… you cant help yourself sometimes… especially since he had 4 mates clapping him on the back and egging him on.
Casually walking up to him (no violence mind, i was in a good mood *grin* was a night out)
i merely looked him up and down before saying “sorry honey, im looking for someone who’s sober and attractive, you fulfill neither criteria…”
and walked off as they tried to figure out what that meant in neanderthal…
i love my life. caught up with Claire for about 4 hours when i came in from the club, was great telling her that i am definitely doing some vox for J, then today, we half wrote a track together… messenger is a wonderful thing.
seriously people – look out for the name Claire Tilby. she will not remain unknown for too much longer – talant like that cant help but be discovered. Cow. (now i’ll see how long it is til she reads this and gives me grief for putting that lol)
right. i must away to the delights of club trop. a big *HUG* to all of you – especially my main men: Ian, Phill, Gareth, Dave, Matt, Chris, Johnny, Sean and Carl! special mentions to the lasses Claire, Trish, Aminatta, Charlotte and Loz (mainly cos im sick of using initials *grin* and ive been listening to “big up y’all” type CHOOOONS. LMAO) added to which, secure in the knowledge its only you guys reading this drivel ;o>
catcha laters
Vics XXXxxx