Hair and Job update

Ahhhhhh… i love my hair *grin*
washed it, brushed it – 30 minutes later.. its dry. Everyone who’s whinged at me for giving it the chop can grow their own to waist length then after they’ve put up with the hassle of looking after it, i’ll accept complaints – until that point… take my word for it – INFINITELY better.

ive REALLY caught the wing chun bug… i even sit in work doing the wrist rotations… the rest of the people in my training group are so used to it now they’ve stopped taking the mickey. It sucked big time on friday though – R got sent home, despite being REALLY good on the phones and having completed 2 weeks of the training, apparantly one of her references came back as unsatisfactory for them – i sent her a txt to see if she was ok, suggested she trys the union to see if they can fight this and sent her the no. i hope they can help cos that sucks.
They do this whole competancy based interview thing – leave it a month before you can even start the job, wait til AFTER they’ve paid you for the month then drop you because of ONE ref. i mean – c’mon… they’re checking refs from EVERY job ive ever had – they’ve even contacted the uni for THREE different ones according to my boss there. Im just waiting for my turn to get asked for a ‘quick word’ NO way will i take THAT lying down!

This is for Claire: first part of story as promised…
The sound of the horn faded over the hills just as the first ray of light hit the meadows down in shadow valley. From his lofty perch atop the tallest pine at the highest point of Drangle pass, Forlon surveyed the peaceful terrain with satisfaction.
It had been 7 long years since he had led the tribe over the treacherous slopes of Mant’aou, fleeing the devastation wrought over his homeland by the Loki’I. He had sworn then that his children would at last know the peace denied to the generations before them during their years of hated servitude.
Movement where none should have been captured his attention. Leaning at a precarious angle afforded a clearer view of the 5 youths skirting the perimeter of the slowly growing village, the unusual golden hair of the lead male identifying him as Taric, forlons eldest nephew.
“What are they up to now?” Forlon muttered exasperatedly to himself.
Swiftly he descended from his perch, and taking note of the direction the young people were heading, started on an intercept course through the trees…

“Taric!” Hissed Sverres “where are we going?”
Taric glanced back over his shoulder at the wiry youth glaring at him and chuckled
“Peace Sverres, I told you before – just trust me, the destination is worth the journey”
“You neglected to tell us that the journey would take all morning though!” interjected Elena sharply, swift in the defence of her beloved Sverres.
*sigh* ok ok i know… at some point i shall do more but… my part of the pact is fulfilled at least. one start to a fantasy story, here for all to see.
now i guess i should get my harris in gear and get ready for work, again…
at least i have a day off tomorrow, Phill’s taking me to Conwy falls WOOHOO! i get to see pretty waterfalls again. i LOVE that place. (shame its an MR2 and not a bike but… Conwy falls *grin* gonna do the picnic thing i think.)