Inspired by Bob.

I feel a whimsy, maybe I should just write – its been a while since I did a random stream of consciousness thingamabob…
yeeeeessssssss… blame twin peaks, i do.

It all started with Bob you see, that wild eyed, sweaty toothed madman. Focussed evil apparant in every sinuous move – danger leaking from every pore – chaos in its greatest form; Man.
He poured across the room, each obstacle surrendered to his liquid touch, stained and corrupted by his passing yet not a mark left to explain the sensation of crawling flesh imprinted in his wake.
She screamed, terror evident in every breath. He smiled, a smile made all the more chilling by the crazed delight in his eyes.
Then in a second he was gone. A dream – a fancy. Nothing but the stench of fear to show for his presence, a pungent lingering smell that slides down the back of your throat like tar.
But we know.
We saw.
She lies helpless before him, as she did then, as she will again. It is foretold in the actions of the past and the dreams of the future – if anything is certain it is the fear.

Death itself is never certain, it hovers on the horizen and then, even when there is plentiful warning, it strikes unexpectedly. Whether the news brings relief, sorrow or joy – it is always a shock.
Fear though… now there is a different story. Fear is present every day, every minute, every second.
Underneath all of our thoughts and our actions lies fear.
In the main it is easy to put it down to 2 things; a fear of failure or a fear of the unknown. There is a dark place within us all though that harbours a deeper fear, a fear of someone or something indescribable yet easily recognisable… just like Bob.
Ask any child what they fear at bed time, they may say “the dark” but that’s too simplistic a reply, what they fear, what they sense, is the presence under the bed, waiting in the shadows – looking for the unwary foot or arm to pass within reach so that it can drag you screaming down, down, down to the depths of your fear.
I bet you can remember a time, not too long ago, when you would LEAP onto your bed to avoid that grasping presence under the bed. Logic may now make you calmly walk over. But ask yourself. Why is the lamp next to the bed not turned off until you are safely tucked under the covers?

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