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I’m feeling very accomplished now. My front room looks FAB (if you disregard the yellow wall, it was there when I moved in and I refuse to spend money on decorating a rented place)
these pics are primarily for you Claire – looksee, I can get off my arse and clean lol
First view:

  • Second view:

  • 3rd view:

  • I know, perhaps a little overboard on the sofa debris – but I’m missing a bed so the cushions had to go somewhere…
    Anyway all thats left to do now is sort the kitchen, my room and clean the bathroom and I can sleep the sleep of the just tonight, secure in the knowledge that even my mum (the tidiest person on the planet – why couldn’t I get those genes?) will be unable to find fault with my housekeeping skills.
    God I’m good.

    If you’re wondering why the chair is pushed up so close to the unit though – let me share something with you…
    I should have done this ages ago, that way I would have been able to call my landlord immedietely and inform him that the radiator is hanging off the wall and its only really the piping keeping it in place now that I’ve moved the sofa.
    Nice huh?!
    So, not only did the previous jokers put that overlong radiator over the bt point therefore costing me £130 to have a new one fitted so I could get online, but they’ve obviously used the wrong type of wall fixing to do it. *sigh* I’ve switched the heating off so that if it decides to come off now it’s not being held in place by a heavy settee, at least it’ll be cold water I’m mopping up not boiling water. This just means I get to spend all weekend kitted out in BIG jumpers and my lovely fluffy purple socks.
    Gotta love the slumlords…

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    1. Vics

      Stef – keep your filthy thoughts to yourself. I am no more a ‘lesbo’ than you are the driver of a car of decent colour.

      Johnnie – glad you like mate, come over anytime *grin* I may even have a cooker by then too lol

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