Donna Nook

Ok, sorry sorry sorry…
I know, I’ve been shit the last few days, was a bit ‘ick’ friday and saturday. Went to see the baby seals at Donna Nook on sunday, been in bed pretty much since then.
but hey – in recompense, here’s a pic of one of the seals and a shot of me freezing.

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  • So, *kisses* thankyou for cheering me up on sunday Stef *hug* twas much appreciated – and yes, I SOoooooooooooooooo would have won a proper game of hide and seek in those dunes…

    Currently watching something called ‘surprise wedding’ ugh!
    What a travesty.
    Seriously man, they should really call it ‘Head dresses from hell’ I know it’s american, but it had to have been recorded in the ’80s. *shudders* Besides, who the hell wants to get married on a TV show? If I’m ever daft enough to do it again, It’s gonna be a nice quiet affair, no big reception, no-one I feel I ‘have’ to invite – the way I see it, my lot have had one free do out of me so they can sod off if they think I’d do it again for ’em.
    *watches mum stand up and applaud…
    I’m going up to Yogi’s this evening to play crib with the family, heres hoping I have better luck at it than I did last time.

    I promise to have something to keep you going Brandie, and K, you could never do anything to make me stop coming online *grin* I just hate posting when I’m feeling down as it turns into bitter whinging shite.
    Right, I now need to bathe and get ready for a night of WINNING at cards.