I dreamt I trapped off with David Bowie last night.
God knows where that came from – and it was at a candle party ffs. A candle party in aid of cancer research that my gran had hosted – he wasn’t flavour of the month though – she apparantly knew him under a different name and ‘those P- boys were a bad lot’ (can’t remember the surname she used except it started with P) The thing is, I’ve never really been that into David Bowie – musically or otherwise (though the Labyrinth soundtrack was ok) I’d love to know what my subconscious was trying to tell me with that one.
He was very sweet though, attentive – and a great kisser *grin* I love my dreams sometimes…

Woke up aching like a fecker though, been totally brain fogged all day with no clue what I’m doing from minute to minute. I’ve ran the bath twice, moved little bits from one side of my room to the other and back again, watched some crap on the tv and had a sleepy fit.
At some point I will make something proper to eat as I’m guessing that may be a contributing factor to my ditzyness, I’m thinking J may like to feed soon also – you never know lol
As soon as I get a spark of concentration going I shall whip up a feast (ok, it’ll be a chuckit – tasty though) in the meantime I shall continue to wander around the house aimlessly listening to the baby monsoon outside.

On reflection, maybe a concerted cleaning effort is in order – I have clothes flung everywhere in my room from last nights decision making process, make-up all over the floor, single shoes scattered forlornly around missing their partners and thats just my room – the kitchen and the front room make this look spotless…
They do say start as you mean to go on though so perhaps I’ll just leave it all to fester until tomorrow *grin*

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