Dressing up

Well tonight has been a GAS!
I have the pictures to prove it.

What started as a frantic net search for people I could dress up as on thursday, degenerated into a trying on of everything in the house – including Seans straightjacket and gimp mask.
I should have known better really because I ended up with the itchiest nose ever and those 2 sadists refused to unbuckle me and let me scratch it. They didn’t even offer to scratch it for me.
Have a giggle:

(and I am wearing shorts – we’d just discarded the possibility of me doing a Lara Croft convincingly)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

There were many more pics, but I’d like this page to load up in a fairly reasonable time so that’s ya lot on here – I might add ’em to my ‘photoblog’, we’ll see…

As to what I’m actually going to wear… well – I’m either going to attempt a ‘Dark Angel’ a la Jessica Alba, ‘Padme’ a la Natalie Portman or Katherine Hepburn – if I can find anything of the right kind of period look in the charity shops for Ms Hepburn. Cheryl and I shall be heading to town tomorrow for some toy gun holsters and to have a look around a costume hire shop (just for future reference and some other ideas, sadly I cant afford a costume hire else I’d quite happily be going as Xena or something equally exotic)
If You happen to be anywhere near Oldham street or Afflecks Palace tomorrow lunchtime, keep a weather eye out and come say ‘Hi!’
We’ve even convinced my mum to go as Madonna – the scary thing is… She could pull it off if she goes like this particular pic:

(sadly I neglected to make a note of the site this pic came from so if you need to claim it please let me know)
Right, I need to go and make sure those 2 are playing nicely on the playstation2 and not just killing each other, then I’m for bed – all that bitching and screaming has quite knackered me out!