Happy new year y’all!

I should learn not to doubt J.
What a fantastic night.
Loaf rocked. Serious the Dj played everything from chaka demus and pliers to black eyed peas. It was ace – we even had a group of 4 21yr olds trying to convince us to go to a party in salford with them LOL man I feel old.
We actually missed the countdown as we were too busy playing on the pub quiz machine with another group of lads downstairs – it’s only when the overly friendly (touchy feely) bouncer told us that we realised… I hate that type – I know them too well, judging from his number he hasn’t had his badge too long and I’m guessing he’s the kind that ‘hides’ when there’s trouble. Wanker. Too busy chatting (and touching) up the birds to do his job properly… If I was on his door he’d be getting an earfull I can tell ya!

Anyhow, all was good – and here’s pics of me and J pre-taxi out (which bizarrely enough cost £5 less than the taxi home)
This is j looking Very sexy in my purple dress (I just don’t have the height *sniff*)

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  • This is me doing the ‘girl’ thing:

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  • I’m now going to bed but before I do…

    May the best of the year past be the worst of the year ahead *kiss*
    Happy new Year guys!