euuwww.. I mean.. c’mon!

Currently reading one of those womens fiction things – you know, the throw away on holiday types – it’s called Deep Heat by Chris Manby.

Now one line in this book sent me off on one – Cheryl was in stitches, but I had to kick her off the pc so I could share my … my disgust with you all – oh and cheers for the song Brandy *grin* I ‘heart’ you!

The line in question? It’s taken from page 191 and it’s the guy telling her how much he misses her – despite having left her bed only 3hrs previously:

“I thought about you all through lunch. Every time I lifted a glass to my lips, I could smell the rich warm smell of your body on my hands”

I mean – really!
Why do guys say shit like that? (cause you do… It’s kind of a genetic trait methinks) On the few occasions I’ve had to hear something like that said to me it’s made me squirm – in a bad way.
All that says to me is that you are a filthy get who needs some lessons in personal hygiene.

And don’t give me the “but it’s us!” line, cause it wont wash. All the ‘us’ smell brings is the need to cleanse. Thoroughly.
It’s all well and good being swamped by that very distinctive rich aroma of ‘just had sex’ when you are all snuggled up in bed savouring the afterglow, it’s quite another to be sat having dinner miles apart and being surrounded by an almost tangible stench of mixed bodily fluids.

Am I wrong? Really? I mean C’mon… I’m not just being a fastidious prude here am I?
Why do they all say it like it’s supposed to be some kind of turn on?
here’s a tip guys: It’s NOT.

It’s especially not a turn on if you say shit like that when the recipient is at work/ parentals/ shopping. Because lets face it – those comments are virtually always made over the phone.

I, like most of my sex, get embarrassed by a blow by blow account of things related to the bedroom *shudders* We were there, we know who did what to who and how many times it happened. Raking over past bedroom gymnastics when in the presence of other people is generally a very uncool thing to do – even if you luck out and get a gal for whom such things are a turn on, it’s incredibly unfair to get her all hot and bothered – unless you are within sweeping off feet distance to ease the frustration you’re creating.


I’m done now, I’m gonna get back to the book…

One thought on “euuwww.. I mean.. c’mon!

  1. Nicholas Butler

    You had me snorting whisky through my nostrils at “And don’t give me the “but it’s us!” line, cause it wont wash”. Was the irony of the line intentional or am I just fixated on bad puns ? Anyway in defence of us guys We do love it , we savour and enjoy it and we love the very smell of a woman and all it entails. mars and venus I guess. I am man , i LOVE woman and everything about Woman that makes my pulse quicken, my breath race and my desires shall we say inflate ? For a guy the Scent of a Woman ( yes they made a film about it ) defines many builtin primal and satisfying urges and pleasures which for us define being MAN. There I said it all and not in any metrosexual way . ! Mwah

    Men.. you’re all disgusting *grin* and yes the irony was intentional – though I thought of it more as sarcasm than irony 😉 I kinda like the odd bad pun now and again.

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