Valentines the first

My bloke is truly a complete and utter darling.

True… By 8pm I’d decided that he’d fallen asleep and forgotten he was coming over to do a ‘valentines thing’ with me.
Then he rang and said he’d lost track of time apologies etc… fair enough – at least he was awake (yes, he did that once before so I am at liberty to remind him of it every time the opportunity presents itself, I love being female *grin*)

Anyhow, the house is spotless, the chilled tunes are playing, the candles (purchased that day) are burning merrily and all I’m waiting on is my beloved.

Do you know why my lovely lil laddie was late? Do you?!

Nope? Well I shall tell you.

He MADE me chocolates. Handmade truffles. If you’ve never experienced a tongue orgasm before just taste one of these beautys. Seriously – that’s just the sweetest (no pun intended) thing any guy has ever done for me.
And they just… WOW!!!
For real – I’m going to get the recipe off him so I can stick it on here and let you all envy my good fortune. As it is – I’m heading back down to eat another, these are so not going to last another day, my will power is just not that strong.