what women want

Following several conversations with a few of my male friends and acquaintances and inspired by this funny yet inaccurate film, I’ve decided to compile this list.
I was going to make it a list of 10 things but my mind suddenly went blank – I didn’t want to start off with a load of physical attributes as every woman I know likes different things so this is why it’s quite generic.

What women want
(In a man)
  1. Is financially solvent – can at least afford to pay his half of the dinner tab, won’t be borrowing money all the time and will be able to go out and do things with you. (here’s a tip, guys like this in a gal too…)
  2. Cleanliness. He must be aware of the importance of personal hygiene – You can overlook a few things and excuse a certain ‘manly aroma’ if immediately following a hard days work – but if he seems unable to grasp the concept of smelling nice and looking the best he can at least 80% of the time you are together… He’s gonna get lonely real quick and end up with a lot of females who prefer to just be friends.
  3. The ability to look after himself. If this guy can cook, keep a clean house (note, cleanliness again) and pay his bills on time, it shows he has the potential to take care of her if she should ever need it.
  4. Sense of humour. We like this in friends as well as lovers, but if points one, two and three are missing, pretty much a guarantee this dude will stay as a friend.
  5. Honesty. If you start off telling lies – even white ones, the chances of the lassie in question keeping you around get slimmer as time goes on – remember the most breakable thing in the world is trust – and you can never mend it.
  6. Emotional maturity – Common sense and the ability to know when to back off, extreme jealousy is not endearing.
  7. An open mind (no, not in that way necessarily) the ability to realise that every girl is different and just because his Ex liked him to do ‘that thing’ or didn’t mind if he [insert disgusting habit here] it doesn’t mean you will.

Now I open the floor to you. Guys and gals – what do you think? Have I missed anything important? Do you disagree with anything I’ve said?
Lets help each other out here yeah? What really turns you on or off in a prospective sexual partner..?