typical really

I’m wide awake again – sods law really, I have an appointment with the specialist at the hospital again tomorrow (which hasn’t been cancelled this time, yet.) but since I can’t sleep I’ll just have a quick blog fix then I’ll numb my mind with bejewelled over at coffeebreakarcade either that or collapse, both send me off eventually.
Oh and Look what I just found out *grin* I’m just all about me! Think I should sort out a new template and stuff though, that load time is just way too slow!

I finally cracked and rang Swinton housing today to find out why I had still heard nothing from them re my application (Seans pissing off to Equador in a few months to laugh at monkeys and replant forests and I can’t keep this place up alone even if I wanted to stay here) The answer I recieved was pretty typical for anything even slightly related to the government.
Yup, you guessed it, they wanted more information from me and I’ve had my telepathy switched off so I didn’t know.
In order to get my application processed and fully underway, I need to take in some ID and 2 references – She specified work/ landlord/ Dr/ Clergy etc.
My Landlord was fine about it surprisingly – which makes me think my earlier suspicion of him wanting us all out anyhow is close to the mark. Sadly, my Dr doesn’t do those kind of references, it’s looking doubtful I’ll get one from work after the tone of todays telephone conversation and I am totally unreligious which lets out the clergy.
Bit stumped on that one really.
I’ll just have to take my passport and the landlords letter in and hope they can be helpful and give me some kind of alternative option for the other one. *tries not to crack a rib laughing*
Hmmm… I wonder if I can talk that lovely acupuncturist Ben into helping me out (despite being unable to afford any more treatment off him for a while) It’s a thought.

Went into town with sean earlier, it’s been a good day. We had food at La Tasca then went to the cinema to see Miss Congeniality 2 and The Life aquatic both films just coming to the end of their cinematic run at the filmworks (I would have dragged him to Hitch but I’ve been informed by the beloved that there is no need as he will watch it with me, under protest.)

Yes, I loved the Sandra Bullock flick – I pretty much always do, chick flicks are undoubtedly my fave genre. The life aquatic… Well, it’s ok, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as Sean did – but since he did nothing but bitch and complain about having to see my one *sigh* he really is a film snob – as far as movies go he is the most anal retentive person I know, the guy has over 700 dvd’s and used to work as a cinema projectionist, apparantly I have crap taste in films.
It doesn’t help that whenever he manages to convince me I ‘have to see this movie’ he’s usually right. Through him I’ve seen films like ‘Dancer in the dark‘, ‘zatoichi, ‘American splendour‘, ‘Whale rider‘, ‘Being there‘ and ‘Rushmore‘ – I could add at least 200 more films to that list, but I don’t always allow his enthusiasm to convince me – besides, he has quite a large collection of horror, I don’t do horror. Ever!
(I think that may help explain to K how come I do so well at his movie line quizzes lol)

OH! and good news! My benefits finally came through, I am no longer penniless – just poor *grin* which means the long awaited trip to Spain for my birthday can still go ahead, I was starting to worry that once again lack of funds would entail a cancellation (which would not go down well with the lasses, I’ve already cancelled on them twice before) but no – I may for the first time in 28 years go somewhere and come home with a tan (it’ll look unnatural I tell ya!)

So, if any of youse guys are in Madrid around the 4th-17th May – come gimme a shout and join the party! I’ll be the one mixing the cocktails in the corner and attempting to understand the phrases being shouted at me in a weird blend of Mexican/ Spanish and Irish (Trish has a very broad irish accent and she has been living in Madrid with a mexican lass for a good couple of years now, should prove to be more entertaining than usual *grin*)

Right, with such happy happy joy joy thoughts buzzing through my brain, I shall pish orf and attempt bowbies.
G’night all!