10 things

Yey! Feeling much better than I have the last couple of days – you know what this means?
I’m going karaoke tonight!!

Yup, life is good. I figure I’ll do a rendition of ‘Papa was a rolling stone’ tonight – it went down so well in Spain it seems a shame not to do it here, it is such a class funky tune after all. I love that bass line, simple yet effective (which basically means even I could play it lol)

I have a new toy too – donated by my ever so generous flatmate. It’s an external hard drive complete with full series of TV programmes he thinks I’d like – this means I have all the Twin peaks stuff plus some American shows I haven’t looked at yet; Lost, Wonderfalls, Heat vision and Jack (which apparently never aired but was something directed by Ben Stiller starring Jack Black as a kind of Knightrider) As well as some Japanese stuff he says I have to watch.
Why is everyone so keen to get me into Manga?
I’ve also pinched series 1&2 of Black books from Stef and I’m keeping the Lemony Snickets film…
Anyway, I’m busily downloading the codecs that will allow me to watch said stuff while I gear myself up to respond to master K’s taggage.

Ten Things I’ve Never Done, But Intend to Do Before I Die:

  1. Get divorced (Just to finally close a complete chapter of my life)
  2. Design a funky looking website that actually serves a purpose.
  3. Have a child (but only to avoid breast cancer you understand, I’ve still got 6 years before I have to, if technology improves enough between now and then I may keep to the none mommy blogger style of things)
  4. Learn a foreign language well enough to converse easily in – probably Spanish, but considering Italian, Portuguese or Esperanto (What can I say, Harry Harrison sold me on that last one)
  5. Learn to dance properly – salsa, tango, waltz and one other (just cos)
  6. Complete an ambitious hobby project – without help!
  7. Ride a jetski/ windsail – watersports generally (of the non fetish variety!)
  8. Get a tailor made outfit
  9. Buy the perfect home – and home is the operative word there.
  10. Get up at 7am on a regular basis and like it .

This was tough – I kept wanting to put down other stuff then realised that I’ve already tried or started to do it before, things like this make me realise just how much I actually have done in my life. I always think of myself as quite boring, haven’t done anything worth talking about (yet still I blog lol) then I think back and realise that, actually, I have.
Some of my stories could even rival Johnny Walker! So Ner!
But this isn’t that kind of blog and I’m not that type of writer *sniff* sadly…

Anyway, which lucky people will I pass this onto?
I think Kitty, I’m going out on a limb and asking someone I’ve never really spoken to as well, a fellow Brit with great taste in transportation (he’s a biker) I’ve always just thought of him as Smidsy but as he signs his comments sparx I’ll have to readjust my thinking.
I’m also shooting in the dark by throwing it the way of Hot Karl seeing as he passed the last tag by as did Stef *sigh* I just don’t have the influence with the guys I once did – I’m losing my touch *sniff* I’m thinking they perhaps saw the recent pics on my photoblog and realised I’m not a ‘hotty’ after all (note – that is not a plea for compliments) I would ask Shawn too but that lad is always far too busy drinking and working as it is, So along those lines David has no choice, he’s job hunting which means he has time to spare… Yes people, consider yourselves tagged.

What have you done before that you always forget about until something like this comes along and reminds you?
I’ll have to devote a post to that at some point but right now I need to get my arse in gear and head off to get these forms photocopied before I send them back, then I can relax and head up to the parental abode for feeding and honeymoon tales…