google rule the www

Hmm… I’m beginning to think that Google are trying to take over the webiverse.
I know – you already knew that, what can I say? I’m a little slow.
Anyhow, if you want to try the new google talk thing but seem to be lacking a gmail account (um…Why?) don’t worry – both K and I can hand ’em out like toffee.
…Invites that is, not toffee. Neither of us are made of money y’know!

Speaking of sweets – Is it true that you poor sods in America don’t get Cadburys chocloate? I’m considering entering the design a wrapper competition, even though I’m going to need to google an imac – I’m so not a technogeek. But that will have to wait as I move away from the screen (it’s sending me a little queasy again) and head back to the couch where I’ve been all night, pitying myself because I was too ill to go to the pub with the rest of ’em.
It’s not all bad though – The Truman show’s just started.
I do have interesting and insightful things to say – really I do. They’ll just have to wait until I’m less crap (could be a while *grin*)