I hate when they stick around after

I just had the most disturbing nightmare about a girl in a burns unit – she was going for a meeting/ party about a year after her attack, the security guard greeted her and another lass at the door, both appeared to be blind as a result of their attacks, the girl most prominantly featured in the dream obviously had some mental damage too – her speech was slightly slurred and she had a tendancy to repeat herself.
It was like something from the start of a CSI show.
Entrance to the unit through an underground carpark. Kindly old (black) security guard making a quick joke with the 2 young ladies as they enter the building, then outright terror as a gang of barely seen figures enter the scene menacingly, the girls run up the entranceway in terror and start banging on the doors – one gets left behind by accident because she loses contact with the person leading her and can only listen in terror as the kindly security guard is beaten and burned to death in the car park before she gets dragged into the safety of the burns unit where they call the police.
That’s when I woke up.
My throat is all hurty again from the non-screaming screaming you tend to do in your sleep.
And I’m still so tired, it’s been like this for weeks. I’ll get to sleep but I wake up unrefreshed because of barely remembered nightmares – I’m up and down all night because things keep disturbing me when I don’t have nightmares – I’m fed up with it.
I’m constantly narky and out of sorts – I just want some decent sleep.
It’s a shame they couldn’t give me something to bring home from the hospital to sedate me every night *sigh* though that’s not the answer I know. I just wish I knew what was bothering me so I could sort it and get some sleep! Or at least have a dream that wasn’t a nightmare.

The girl was just so proud to be out alone. She kept saying “this is my first burns unit, my first!” she’d made the cake with no help and had managed the journey unaided for the first time despite being scared the whole way – she was so proud of herself and that all changed in an instant.
God I hate it when I bring my dreams into the day with me, they’re vivid enough as it is without having to deal with flashbacks to it as though it’s a real memory!
*sigh* I’m gonna go get some breakfast and a cuddle before I start howling again.