society today..

This depressed me.

I’m only 29 and I can’t even chew steak properly *sniff* as to crusty bread… If I attempted something like that I’d end up bleeding – or at the very least howling in pain.
I should have been Chinese.

I was also disturbed last night by a program called ‘Little Monsters’.
Apparantly it’s ok for little kids to gang up and verbally abuse grown men before hitting them with long strips of rubber tubing – I’m sorry but what kind of message is this sending out?

The TV standards comittee have it all arsewise to my mind. We’re turning Japenese, I think we’re turning Japanese – I really think so. (name the tune and the group for bonus credits *grin*)
If a programme doesn’t contain gratuitous stupidity, a generous dollop of humiliation and petty malice then it’s obviously not worth airing.
I’m actually beginning to see where the nutters who claim certain shows and games promote violence get the idea. Being force fed these ‘reality’ shows isn’t helping the IQ or standards of common decency and consideration for others that this country used to be known for.
The youth of today… *shakes head sadly* See, now I know I’m getting old.
But seriously, they all seem to be buying into this ‘gangsta’ culuture thing, Ali G Hasn’t helped matters either, though the guy who came up with the character is himself obviously quite intelligent.
Things like Bo Selecta (satire my arse) Jackass (need we say more) and pretty much every ‘reality’ show going offer nothing to enrich your mind. Ok, the two Ronnies may be dated, but at least they managed to be funny while using big words – none of which were expletives.