I’ve just re-read the last of the Merry Gentry books by Laurell K Hamilton.
I’m gutted that I have to wait till next year for the follow up – I want to see how she handles the Goblins and Taranis – and what nastiness Cel gets up to after he gets out, personally I hope the queen gets wise and is forced to kill him herself. But that’s not really Ms Hamiltons style *sigh*

Christmas fever is well under way – the presents have started arriving and I’m still stumped with what to get people. I also met the cutest little girl last night – 3 years old and very sure of herself. It was quite humiliating to be beaten at 10 pin bowling by someone who not only comes up to my waist but hasn’t started school yet *sigh* what can I say – it’s never been my game (I’ve yet to find out what is to be truthful) and she did have the advantage of barriers and… and… yeah well, the first game she beat everyone so I guess I shouldn’t worry too much *grin* Lets just hope I hold my own around the pool table tonight…