Space cadets

The flat is looking fantastic the front room is all done, the bathroom is nearly finished and it feels like a whole new place!

We’ve been getting stuck into the new reality show on channel 4 – space cadets.
It’s bloody brilliant! I’m not normally a one for reality shows but this one really is different.
There are 9 cadets and 3 actors in the mix, they’ve been sent to a russian military base to take part in the first televised space tourism programme.
The catch? well, it’s all a big con.
The thing that got me most about it though, these guys didn’t know exactly what it was they were signing up for and they weren’t told until it was time to get on the airplane taking them to Russia – what they were told is that they had to nominate the friend or family member that they trusted the most in the world and that person would decide on whether they should take part in whatever the programme was.

The thing is, the cadets don’t know it’s a hoax with them as the willing victims – the family members do.
Gits eh?!

I have to say though – the work that’s gone into this is phenomenal – When that poor scottish lad was ‘not on list’ I could just picture the sickening gut clenching going on there as the ‘russian soldier’ walked off the plane at the Russian airport with his passport…
Seriously – it’s brilliant, if you’re not watching it then I pity you for missing out.
I just wish it was a longer show, I’m sure there must be loads more footage we’re missing out on. The follow up satelite show on E4 definitely needs longer, the presenter just starts getting interesting with the guests and he has to cut ’em off to move on to the next one – it’s a shame really because the subjects quite an interesting one – especially with guys like the conspiracy theorist wanting to explain how the moon landing was also a big hoax.

There’s a lot of talk of possible humiliation for the ‘cadets’ when all is revealed, but I think if I were one of them, the worst thing would be the disappointment.
They’re all so excited and it is a big thing – if it were true. To have all that excitement taken away by being told “sorry, only joking ha ha ha” I think, yeah – they can probably all take a joke and yes they will all appreciate the staggering amount of work put into this deception and no doubt join in the laughter at the unveiling. But to have that expectation fostered, nurtured then taken away…

I think there’ll be a lot of secret tears in the days afterwards when the laughter wears off.


I’ve been reading the forums on the C4 website and it appears that now everyone has jumped onto the ‘the audience are the butts of the joke’ bandwagon. It’s kinda funny really – most people are calling the cadets ‘muppets’ for being taken in, but to be honest if they were in the same position surrounded by people and things that match all the information about your situation as you’ve been told it – why wouldn’t you believe it? I know I would. It’s the chance of a lifetime and they’re getting it for free – who’d question that?
If you want to believe something is true you will – even when all evidence points to the opposite.
How else can you explain all those couples who turn a blind eye to infidelity? The people who continue working in a job they hate because they are in line for a promotion or payrise that never seems to show up.
So now that they’ve sneered at the contestants enough they’re turning on the show itself and claiming the cadets are in fact all actors in on the scam and that we, the audience, are the ones being hoaxed.
This makes no sense to me, what possible hoax could they pull on the general public? Unless the people being hoaxed are the friends and family of the contestants there is no payoff – every hoaxer wants a payoff, especially if that hoaxer is a commercial station needing content and financing.

I think I’ll leave this subject for now, I can see I need C4 to hurry up and authorise my membership so I can join in these online debates… Fun fun fun people!