Awake and reporting for duty SAH!

Perhaps I should be wide awake and miserable all night more often *grin* I finally went back to bed at about 8.30am and slept through till 12.30 – and I woke up feeling better than I have for days – I’ve even done some cleaning (though the boy will probably scoff at that since he’s a neat freak and my idea of cleaning is a little ‘lax’ compared to his)
The laundry is mainly done, I’ve filled out form D36 in readiness for monday (I get to apply for my divorce to be made final before heading up to Grans to dispense gifts and cards to all and sundry)

Or maybe it’s just that I know tonight we get to see the big reveal on Space Cadets.
Yup, those poor people get told it’s all a hoax this evening, proof positive that life can be a bit shit on occasion but there is always going to be someone worse off than you.
At least they’re getting a real trip to Russia out of it, I wouldn’t mind experiencing weightlessness and getting a few thousand pounds, but I doubt I’d be able to appreciate it as much if I’d been had on national tv beforehand like these guys.