Biblical creations

Seems to be my week for weird dreams.
I woke up not fully remembering this one – which is odd for me, I’m one of those people who tends to have either complete crystal clarity in my dream recollection or nothing at all.
It’s like I was watching/ listening to a conversation through a veil or fine curtain and I’m expecting a bit of stick for this one.
The basic upshot is that it was between God and the Devil.
They weren’t much more than kids – in the 18-25 age range it looked like, maybe a bit younger but definitely not older. They were discussing their project and the resulting bet.
Yup, you’ve guessed it, Earth was the project.

Basically they’d decided to see who could create the most enduring thing.
Between them they created the earth, Satan created rock and stone including all the gems and precious metals, God created water which slowly wore those down into dirt and sand which formed the basic shape of the landmasses, they then started on life forms, Satan started small with insects and reptiles, God made most of the animals.
The kicker in my dream is that they both created humans because they wanted to see what would happen if they worked together – would that creation last longer than the ones they created singly. One created man, the other woman (could explain why the sexes can seem so alien to each other on occasion)
Now neither of them stay at the project constantly, they just stop by occasionally to throw some plan into motion and to check up on the progress of all the others – Satan was really pissed when he got back after a holiday to find God had created religion for the humans, he argued that since they were a joint venture nothing should be done to them without at least discussing it first – so God added a little tweak to the religion to bring Satan into it, he found it funny to say that he’d created Satan too.
Anyway, they made a bargain at that point, they’d not do anything directly to affect the humans, everything that happened to them would be the result of changes they made to everything else – it would be fairer that way.

This was when I woke up.
I wouldn’t mind but I’m not religious in the slightest, I know Christmas is coming up but I’ve never dreamed about biblical figures before, I have absolutely no idea why that particular tale was swimming around in my head.
Interesting though. Stef suggested I write a book about it – after taking the piss out of my lack of knowledge regarding the ‘truth’ in the bible about creationism.
I’m thinking it’d be far more profitable to start my own religion based on this dream – lets face it other religions based on the christian god were started on less – Henry VIII wanted a divorce, Brigham Young had a dream about a chalice or something (I dunno, can’t really remember we just had a bunch of mormons visit us once because they’d tracked my mum down somehow) It all seems to come down to sex though doesn’t it? That’s what I’m missing here – I need a sex hook to start a religion.

I shall have to ponder on this…

Heh – but wouldn’t that be a joke on the catholics if my dream is true? Think about it – they’re totally against same sex relationships (well, a lot of ’em are) what if God has been secretly pushing us along the scientific paths we’re following so that we can slowly become one sex? But which one did he create? This is the burning question from my ‘vision’. Either way – it’d piss Satan off no end to find God had been messing about with us behind his back again.