new things

I’ve realised something very important this year.
Pumpkin seeds are very tasty indeed.
Can you believe that I never knew you had to crack the shell before eating seeds?
I’ve always thought people who ate that stuff were loopy because it just tasted like dry nastiness whenever I’d tried them, I’d pick one up, think it was a bad idea, then be proved right as I hacked and spat the husk out of my mouth while gasping for water to swill the remains away with.
Stef didn’t half laugh at me when he found out – now I’m addicted to the bloomin’ things.

See, all go in my life it is – the excitement never starts.

I’m looking forward to flaunting my new purple scarf in front of Dawn though – it may turn into a fight to the death to retain it since she also has impecable colour taste. (My life is more interesting than it sounds I promise you)