Spreading the love

Happy New Year

Yup, if you’re reading this then you made it through all the crap that was thrown at us all last year, congratulations – have a big *hug* from me – and if you made a new years resolution then I wish you the best in luck and willpower and hope it wasn’t made when under the influence of anything liquid or chemical…There’s always going to be bad stuff, it’s the nature of things – but at least we know there’s some pretty fantastic stuff about as well to balance it all out. I’d like to throw a very public thank you to MY fantastic stuff for not only being there but being there with style, grace and love.
Cheers Stef, you really do mean the world to me my darlin’ lil’ mannums.
…And I’m not just saying that because you’re a brilliant cook *grin*

Before I start getting accused of still being under the influence myself – I’d like to point out that last night I had one brandy and about 3 sips of a cocktail, I was pretty darned sober – as I intend to stay throughout this year, I have better things to spend my money on *grin* like Stef (and with birthdays in mind – Mrs A – in your utopia people should be banned from mating 9 months prior to November, December and January! Birthdays are too good to be a holiday afterthought in the spending stakes!))

Nah, life is good. Last night should have reminded you that there are always people around it’s worth talking to and sharing good times and bad times with – even if it’s only a virtual sharing from halfway around the world.

(and now I have that chorus from the O’jays running through my head – you know “People all over the world, Join hands, Start a love train, Love train”)
Well – sod it, heres a new years love train speeding across the web to pass through these favourite stations of mine: Master K, Hot Karl, Brandie, Kitty, Patrick and Breanne, Jason and Jay, Eric, the aforementioned Mrs A, Dawn, Smidsey and the cheer spreading queen herself – the lovely Michele.

Should they choose to send it to further stations along the world wide web then fantastic, if not I hope at least a little joy leaks out and brightens their day!

Kisses people! Lots of hugs and kisses.
Isn’t life grand!