The sun is out.. The sky is blue..

I’ve had a pretty good day today – even if it did suck when the alarm went off at the crack of dawn.
Had to go to the hospital today to see the immunologist, he was lovely – he’s also referring me for CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy to you lot) In an attempt to help me manage the CFS better. I’ve got mixed feelings on this – he assures me it isn’t ‘counseling’ as such, but the stuff I’ve read on the matter and the things I’ve heard make me doubt him. Guess I’ll just have to see for myself eh?!

I also watched the wedding date and unleashed today.
I was a bit gutted with unleashed because I normally like jet Li and other martial arts films, but this was… a bit hard to swallow (I know, most martial arts story lines are, but this one was even more far fetched than usual) the wedding date however…
Perfect chick flick – complete with lovey dovey ‘yey’ feelings at the end of it – my man is always happy when I watch films like this – they bring out the affectionate side of my nature *grin* and I was pleased to see that ‘Grace’ looked stunning all the way through it, I love her in the sitcom, but this film showed she’s a pretty damned good straight actress too (no pun intended there)

I’d also like to say hi to my visitor from Salford Uni – I remember the computers in the library and commend you on your patience in waiting for this blog to load up lol aren’t they awful and speaking of my stats – here are 2 of the interesting keyword searches that early 2006 has brought me:

  1. Photo’s of implanted big penis
  2. fucking that old lady in the tail

Not quite sure why I’d be brought up but hey! There ya go eh?!
On a much more puzzling note – I think someone’s feckin’ with me.
I got fan mail. No. Breathe… You can laugh and breathe at the same time…
Really – I did.

She even asked if I’d ever thought of writing for the Guardian!
Since I don’t think I’ve ever read the Guardian I’m not sure if that’s a thinly veiled insult or a real compliment to my writing ability, but either way the email brought a smile to my face and I shall be thanking said ‘fan’ shortly.

The thing is, it reminded me of an incident from school.
(sucks when that happens doesn’t it)
now when I say I wasn’t a beauty at school it’s no real exaggeration:

Here you see me looking just like my youngest brother, Rob, but with long hair – and he didn’t have protruding teeth like I did – goofy was one of the kinder nicknames I had.

Anyway, one valentines day I was putting my books back into my locker when I found a card, unsigned, from an ‘admirer’ they wanted me to meet them at the shops for lunch so they could ask me out.
I was spared from what I’m almost certain was a cruel and humiliating prank by a dental appointment, but a part of me has always wondered who sent that card and did they really mean it?