charmed, i’m sure.

I was a bit disappointed in last nights episode of charmed.
I hope the internal soliloquies were a one off because of the earlier sex in the city references, it ruined it for me though – I’m used to the characters pushing the story along through their acting and a generally well written script – all that internal dialogue about signs and symbols was just an irritating and needless distraction for me.
It’s one of the reasons I’m not a big sex in the city fan – I’m more of a stanislavski afficionado than a Brechtian one, part of the joy of watching fantasy stuff is being sucked in for the duration, it’s an escape thing – I’ve never liked the Brecht line.
I also get the feeling Alyssa Milano wanted to be a lot more to the forefront of the action… Which sucks, good shows should not mess with the format like that! What makes this show so good is the balance between the main characters. Just because she’s now one of the main producers does not mean she should push her own character to the forefront in that way!

Leo now seems to have forgotten that the driving force behind his character was the need to help people, You would expect him to sympathise more with Pipers guilt trips, still I suppose in their infinite wisdom a wetter Leo made this transition an easier one.
I’m definitely disappointed in the new witch they have working with them though, not because they’ve introduced a new character – that’s always a good thing, but this girl sucks, she over acts and it seems as though they’ve only picked her for her looks. Why do I forsee a spin off series when the show ends..?
Stef even called her the charmed equivalent of buffy. I realise that by season 8 some of the writers may be running out of steam, but if it does continue in this vein I’ll be either switching over to check out that new catwalk project or heading back out to karaoke.

On the plus side though, Both Rose and Holly put in sterling performances, and this new Dex bloke is not only very easy on the eye, he seems like another Dan, I wonder if they’ll pull the same trick on Pheobe as before and have him turn out to be a supernatural being..?

Anyway, enough charmed bashing. I’d best get my arse in gear and make a start on that choker for Dawn since I’m seeing her tomorrow night.