Calling Ireland..

I’ve been a bit weirded out tonight while checking my stats – can the dude (or dudette) searching for Chantelle Weir please email me? You’ve more than pricked my curiosity with that particular search.

Anyhow, on with more normal things…
I’ve been meme’d.
It makes me feel all popular and stuff again *grin* I guess it shows that Kitty is thinking of me…
That said, this is a toughie! As far as the seasons go it’s much easier to think of things I dislike, does that really make me a miserable sod?

Four Things You Love About Spring
1. The way the air smells as everything starts sprouting
2. longer daylight hours – even though I rarely venture out in them.
3. people smile more than they did in winter
4. cheap flights

Four Things You Love About Summer
1. remembering days at the outdoor pool in Daventry (only good thing about that rathole)
2. warmth (not too much though, I hate frazzling)
3. the smell of clean washing that’s been hung out all day
4. The students piss off home and you can walk through manchester in peace

Four Things You Love About Autumn
1. Seeing all the leaves change colour
2. bonfire night (well, I used to till I moved to the city)
3. even when it rains, everywhere looks pretty and smells fresh
4. Ican start wearing my purple furry coat again

Four Things You Love about Winter
1. Staying inside in the warmth
2. all the musicals and old films start playing on TCM
3. I get new books (one way or another)
4. the students leave again *grin*

Four U.S. Cities that You’d Visit in a Heartbeat
1. Atlanta
2. Where ever hot karl lives – just so I can force him to find me a karaoke *grin*
3. um… I’m not that fussed about cities
4. …and my geographical knowledge is pants.

Four Funniest Movies (in no partic. order)
1. Shrek
2. home fries
3. overboard
4. dirty rotten scoundrels

Four Tear-Jerkers (in no partic. order)
1. The green mile
2. sommersby
3. Beaches
4. Dead poets society (1st time I watched this I was almost hysterical, took forever to stop crying)

Four Most Romantic Songs
1. I miss you – Incubus
2. Little things mean a lot – Kitty Kallon
3. Still the one – shania twain ( or Aerosmiths ‘Dont want to miss a thing’, equally soppy)
4. Your song – Elton John ( I know, but it says it all doesn’t it)

Four Songs That Make You Happy
1. Addicted to bass – puretone
2. Building a mystery – Sarah mclachlan
3. Good feeling – Reef
4. Louie Louie – The kingsmen (or motorhead, either version is cool)

Four Favorite Singers/Groups (in no order)
1. Incubus
2. Aerosmith
3. Clannad
4. Alanis Morrisette (I could keep listing but at this precise moment these’ll have to do)

Four All-Time Favorite TV Shows
1. Charmed
2. CSI
3. Stargate SG-1
4. porridge

Four Things You Love About Where You Live
1. It’s karaoke central
2. there are supposed to be four things..?
3. No, really… things..? love? HERE?!?
4. hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *gasp* Hahahahahahahahhahahah *wheeze*

Four Things You Don’t Like About Where You Live
1. The stabbings
2. the joy riders setting light to cars outside my gaff
3. the gangs of kids
4. having a serial rapist on the loose

Four Favorite Meals
1. Giant yorkshire pud filled with mash, veg and gravy
2. potato dauphinois
3. Stef’s bean salad
4. anti pasto (the way stefs mum does it – the hams over the avocado with the cheese and grapes and… *mouths watering…*

Great, now I’m going to bed salivating *sniff* I’ll have to wring out the pillow tomorrow – that’s assuming I don’t just sleep eat in the wee wee hours…

I’ll not pass this on specifically but I’d be reet chuffed if at least one of you lovely people does this and lets me know so I can come have a looksee, I’m not even asking for a link – I’d just like to see your answers (I’m a nosey sod like that) I’d be interested to see what people put down for the romantic songs one anyhow, I still have to finish up a list on my other blog and that info would be helpful…