dvd consumerism

*chuckle* internet retail therapy is bad.

Truly, it is – amazon is… Well, lets just say they must love me over in the banking department *sigh* but I can console myself in the fact that my shopping basket this time started out at £114.97 and I whittled away at my possible purchases until it came to under £40.
Now that’s will power *grin*
Sadly it means my wishlist is growing. Damn this consumerism… But can you blame me when ‘classics’ like this and this are screaming out to me at such low low prices lol

What can I say? I used to adore Christian Slater, pump up the volume was a phenomenal film in my opinion – and it only made me love him that little bit more than my eagerly awaited gleaming the cube did…
…and Bette Midler? I’m having a Bette-fest when these babies show up!
God, I’m such a sad puppy.

…Easily pleased though *grin*