fud and a request

This was going to be an audio post but then I figured I’d take pity on your poor ears and not bother – mainly because I started yawning after every other word and sitting silently for a few minutes attempting to think of something to say.
Pants eh?!

Funny though – as soon as I put the mic away I start typing bollocks. Figures.

I’m a little confused by a trend in my stats.

I wrote this post way back in July last year – yet I can easily promise that over 25% of my weekly hits are from searches on its content.
This disturbs me.

I know there are a lot of people out there with differing sexual tastes, but come oooon…
Still, I suppose if you want a wild, out of the ordinary hen night it might be for you – you’d be advised to never tell the blokes about it though – and pray they never see the video.

Well, I’ve tidied up a bit, got some bread baking (and I cannot wait for that to be done, I’m bloomin’ peckish!) started updating my book and dvd lists (yes, I’m listing everything I own because I’m sad like that)
I started thinking about food (no surprise since I’m hungry) it’s the one subject besides music, ok and films, books, games, TV…

OK – it’s A subject that anyone can talk about for hours on end.

As far as food goes I’ll try anything once – assuming I can stand the smell of it, if something smells bad it aint going in my mouth (so that already rules out most of the cheeses my man loves) But the one thing that practically always makes me feel like heaving is minced meat.

I don’t know what it is but stick a plate of spaghetti bolognese in front of me and I’ll be less than impressed – when I was a kid it’d literally send me running to the toilet to hurl, these days I can politely grin and eat a few mouthfulls but I don’t actually like it. Same with lasagne, chilli – even cottage pie (though the mash makes that more edible than the others)
I’m just not a fan of minced meat. Perhaps it’s the texture, or maybe it’s just the memories of spag bol= vomit. Who knows?
Just a little something to bear in mind should I ever be invited to feast at yours…

Now, if you love me you’ll do a little something for me.

I like reading blogs – hell, we all do otherwise what the feck ye doing here?
With that in mind I’d like you to go through your posts and pick three that you are either most proud of, ashamed of or would like to go back to and add to, link them together in a post stating what it is about the ones you’ve picked that made you pick them.



  1. I’m lazy and haven’t read everyone’s archives yet.
  2. I think it’d be interesting to see your own ‘now’ comments on posts you wrote a while back – that and the comments other people leave you about your choices, and to see just what you think of as interesting or important enough to rise above everything else you’ve written…
  3. I just like things to be done in three’s but feel free to pick more or less if you do it.

I will do it myself if someone out there does it first *grin* I’m going along the lines of show me yours and I’ll show you mine…

**sits and waits for the utter disappointment of not one response**