happy happy yeah yeah

Went to the Trafford centre to see that new Heath Ledger film today – you know the one…

Even if I hadn’t thought it a very well made, scripted and acted film (Though this is the second film I’ve seen Jeremy Irons in and thought: ham… cheese… ham…) the laugh out loud segments were made all the sweeter because this was a FREE preview.
Yup I paid NADA for the pleasure of giggling away a good 2 hours of my day. Gotta love these online competitions eh?!

Ive just been in a really good mood all day, which is nice *grin*. I bumped into a friend I haven’t seen for a while on the way home and have semi-arranged a night out when I get back from London, Hmmm… Actually, it’s possible that I’m in such a good mood because not only do I get to see my best mate in 2 days time, I also get to go karaoke with a few people I’ve ‘spoken’ with on the KI forums and you know why this makes me happy?

The tunes this woman has in her book! Never have I seen a karaoke featuring Megadeath, Tool, White Zombie and Nine Inch Nails!!!
But I’m thinking rather than symphony of destruction and closer, I’ll try the Limp Bizkit version of ‘Faith’ (just because it appeals to my humour) Massive attacks ‘Teardrop’ because it’s a gorgeous tune and I’d love a chance to do it – and whoomp there it is by Tag Team – purely because it reminds me of a time in Daventry when I loved going out to Madisons and chatting to Darren the DJ (who also happened to be our DM, he’d written and illustrated a new role play system, I was one of the playtesters – it was BRILLIANT!)

Anyhow, lets just say… this is going to be a fun weekend!