I had a full blog post in my head, it was sat there eagerly awaiting escape to the net.
But it’s gone.
*sigh* my head is so full of holes these days I can’t seem to retain a thought for more than 5 minutes.
I’m blaming therapy (even though I’ve only been once) I have to go back today with my excersize diary. I lead an incredibly boring life.
It’s true. The most interesting parts of my week are the driving lessons. If I’m not reading or beading then I’m online, I crash around 3 times a week and according to this, dizzy spells occur at least twice a week and the pain is a constant with several ‘spikes’ of nastiness occurring intermittantly.
So despite doing nothing anyway, whats the betting this bird tells me I’m doing too much? *sigh* I only do about 5hrs worth of walking in a week and it’s generally just to do shopping or walking to the pub (when I go, that seems to have dwindled down to maybe once a month now)

I’m fed up.
Still, we’re going to the Lakes this weekend and I’m having a girly night in with Debs on wednesday where I can worship her adorable little girls and eat my weight in chocolate (something I rarely do since I’ve managed to mostly cut chocolate out of my diet)
That’s what’s up with me.
I need chocolate. It’s a woman thing.

Actually I wouldn’t mind another of the fondues me and the bloke shared last night at the Gaucho grill. We’d been all organised and decided ahead of time what we were going to eat (online menu’s are great) only to discover that the meal I had my heart set on wasn’t on the menu at the restaurant *sniff* so I had a spatchcocked chicken instead. Stef just raved about his steak and we both dribbled when discussing the dessert on the way home.
Divine doesn’t even cover it! The fondue was a toffee sauce with a selection of pineapple, figs, banana fritters and strawberries to dunk in it – tell ya what, next time we’re not sharing.
One each, it’s just too nice to share!

The staff were lovely and unlike most restaurants the tables are spaced so that it’s possible to eat and chat without having to listen to the table next to you or worry about being overheard should you lower your voice to whisper sweet nothings…

We will definitely be going there again (when we have some money… It aint cheap! Worth every penny though *salivates in remembrance*)

Ugh, my therapy time creeps ever closer… Don’t get me wrong, she’s a really nice bird, incredibly easy to talk to – but it makes me feel so… ‘American’…