Does this mean i’m into teenagers now?

I am going to bed in a minute.. I am, really.

I just got a little sidetracked reading through some of my old posts (prompted by a search that showed up on my stats) I used to be totally addicted to blog – reading and writing.
I can actually remember how I’d be mentally writing posts about anything and everything I saw in the day (that is in the days I used to go places to see things lol) I’d never go so far as to claim my writing enriched the ‘blogosphere’ in anyway, but it was a damned sight better back then than it is now.
All I seem to talk about is being ill these days – how crappy is that?

*mental note: think happy, write happy*

*sniggers* Yup, PMA people, that’s the route to take in life..

Mind you – I did get told off by my immunologist today – I slunk out of there with my imaginary tail clamped firmly between my legs, he has very rightly pointed out that I’m not pacing properly again so it’s no wonder I’ve hit a plateau and haven’t seen any improvement for a while.. Oh yeah, and the sleep pattern thing *glances at clock*

See now I was going to describe the dreams I had last night for you – fairly erotic, disturbing though – I dreamt I was a teenager, dating that Alex Rider (from the Anthony Horowitz novels (I’ve not read stormbreaker but there is a film of it coming out – I’ve got the follow up book, Point Blanc – pretty good so hopefully it’ll be a film worth watching)

Anyhow, there we were – getting it on in teenage horny fashion, his sister (in the book he has no sister, but that’s dreams for ya) kept walking in on us so we left the mansion and took off on a snow mobile to an old warehouse/ factory building down the hill next to the raging torrent of a river.
There was an arms deal going on inside (obviously, it’s an abandoned mill type place beside a river.. Had to be crawling with bad guy types packing mucho hardware of the killing kind)
He thought I knew nothing about his secret agent status, what he didn’t know was that I also was an agent – for the other side.. Something I’d forgotten myself until the action kicked in – what can I say? He was a great kisser lol

Basically it was an absolute quality dream – I even got to lock lips wth Ewan McGregor (man am I a slut or what in dreamtime?) I would go into more detail but it was a fairly complex dream, several action sequences and I’d be here all frikken night describing it.
Instead, I’m going to go brush my teeth and snuggle up to my pillows and hopefully catch some Zzz’s before her nurseyness arrives in the morning to wreak havoc on my arse.
G’night folks, luffyall MWAH!

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  1. Thi Biagas

    I heard that he was to eager do a Eastenders appearence Lol. Not sure how true this is, has anyone else heard it? There’s a bit of me that kind of hopes this is not true lol.

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