Looking back

I’ve spent the last few days being completely knackered, tonight – I can’t sleep.. wide awake, buzzing and more mentally alert than I ‘ve been in months.
Obviously a good time to have a look through all my old text and word documents to clean out old unwanted files – which led to me deciding to update my cv – which led to me checking my blog for a certain date (see, blogs are useful) sadly this led to me getting sidetracked by some of my old posts.. It happens occasionally.

Anyhow, I came across a meme I did at the request of Master K:

Ten Things I’ve Never Done, But Intend to Do Before I Die:

  1. Get divorced
  2. Design a funky looking website that actually serves a purpose.
  3. Have a child
  4. Learn a foreign language well enough to converse easily in – probably Spanish, but considering Italian, Portuguese or Esperanto (What can I say, Harry Harrison sold me on that last one)
  5. Learn to dance properly – salsa, tango, waltz and one other
  6. Complete an ambitious hobby project – without help!
  7. Ride a jetski/ windsail – watersports generally (of the non fetish variety!)
  8. Get a tailor made outfit
  9. Buy the perfect home – and home is the operative word there.
  10. Get up at 7am on a regular basis and like it .

I’m quite chuffed, In the space of a year I’ve managed to complete 2 and a half of those listed there (#1, #6 and I’m halfway there with #2 I just need to get it looking funky, the purpose part is covered)
The thing is, in just a year I’ve changed my mind on a couple of things. I remember writing this and at the time I really wanted to do all those things, now though my list would be more like this:

  1. Buy a house and create the perfect home
  2. Have a child – or 2.
  3. Write and record a song I can be proud of
  4. Learn Italian
  5. Get a tailor made outfit
  6. Ride a jetski
  7. Own a car
  8. Visit Italy, Germany and Ireland
  9. Buy a beautiful (and expensive) work of art
  10. Learn as much about web design as I can

I need to win the lottery blatently.