what happened to ‘need over want’?

I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that people are stupid. I was aware that there are people in the world who will pay £700 for a handbag, yes that’s more than a little daft when you think that £700 could keep a small family fed and housed for a month , but now I’ve learned about this.

People will PAY to hire a handbag, why? Because they have to look good.

Um.. Excuse me?

Where the hell have peoples priorities gone? Surely there are better things to spend your money on than borrowing a designer handbag – especially when you can BUY a knockoff for a quarter of the price. At the end of the day it’s just something to hold your keys, phone and purse if you haven’t got big enough pockets to do the job.

What’s with all this ‘style over function’ thinking that’s taken over the world? I’ve never understood it, I take comfort over style any day of the week as far as my clothes are concerned, why do people buy things whose look is more important than it’s function?
Since when did look become so important that people would hire an expensive bag instead of buying a cheap and sevicable alternative?

Sadly I’m in a minority as far as these opinions go. I would rather save up for a house than fritter money away on ‘looking good’ especially since the usual popular view of what looks good differs greatly from my own view.

I was so born in the wrong era..