“We gotta get out of this place..”

I’ve been looking around for possible places to move to – as well as possible routes to getting back to work.

Since getting back from Italy it’s become more apparant how much of a hole we’re living in. Swinton is just not condusive to a little tranquility of living – not with our neighbours and proximity to main roads, every night I’ve had difficulty maintaining a deep enough doze to fall into refreshing sleep because of police sirens, screaming kids or drunken louts.
I’d inured myself to them before, now I can’t seem to shut ’em out.

It’s not just the noise though, every time the security light on our front door goes off, I wake up – this happens at least 3 times a night, possibly more. I’m just sick of not getting a decent nights kip!

I need to find a job that has me only working 4 days a week – and even then I can only do 4 hours a day. I can’t work in a call centre becuase I can’t process things quickly enough anymore, in fact anything where I’d have to use a phone is out. The same applies to customer service or ‘stressful’ positions, any stress has me back in bed and unable to function and I really don’t want to go there again! it’s taken me 3 years to get here and a relapse is not an option.

I’m not under the CBT lass anymore, she agrees that I’m more than capable of self treating and going to her is just a waste of our time, but she strongly advised me not to consider work ‘just yet’ easy for her to say, she’s not got my bank balance!
She did ok me looking for a part time course though. Basically the thought was if i’m determined to do something then test the waters with re-training, that way if things do go tits up I won’t have to struggle with the powers that be for my benefits again.

Why didn’t I do that before august? *sigh* trying to find a college course now will be nigh on impossible! Especially since I’m not sure I’d get funding for it.
Still gives me something else to look into eh?! And no more hospital visits for the forseeable! YEY!

Rightio, i’m going for another lie down, feeling quite light headed I am, ugh.. bet that milk was off..