new neighbour from hell

Sadly it came to my attention at 2.15am that our new downstairs neighbour is completely lacking in both moral fibre and consideration for others.

I’d gone to bed around 11ish after a really pleasent evening with Stef visiting Yogi and his folks in chadderton. At 1.57am I was awakaned by the sound of incredibly loud music (a 1940’s hitlist no less) and the lad next door banging on the floor.

I lay there for a few minutes expecting the music to turn down slightly allowing me to return to sleep – a rare sleep that had for once felt refreshing no less.
Sadly what happened was the sound of downstairs shouting “it’s my fucking house I can do what I want” and the music becoming even more audible.

I decided that, since we had started off on congenial terms – even to the point of Stef helping him decorate and us parting with a blow up mattress and some crockery when he first moved in (it seemed only right since he had nothing to sleep on and nothing in the way of feeding items)
we had told him if he needed anything he only had to knock on and I even furnished him with hot drinks while he was decorating before he got himself a kettle! (not to mention going out to help when he was getting his face pounded into the dirt)

Anyway, I threw on my trainers and went down and round to knock on his front door in order to ask if he’d turn it down so I could get back to sleep.

He opened the front door in an obviously belligerant state of mind. I said “Mark, I’m not being funny mate but it’s gone 2am and your music has actually woken me up – could you turn it down a notch please”
He gave me a filthy look and said “well you woke me up with the drilling or whatever it was you were doing this morning”

I was absolutely gobsmacked! the amount of mornings he’s woken us up since he moved in are uncountable – but even so, we’d had a lazy day and done nothing that could be accountable for the accusation.
I just said “well actually I’m not sure what you mean, if there was any drilling it wasn’t us..” Not allowing me to finish he just he replied “well, I don’t care who it was, this is my house and I’ll do what the fuck I like”
And then he slammed the door in my face!

I was furious.
I admit to a very unladylike scream of frustration at his front door (something along of the lines of “you ignorant little TWAT!”)

Then I stomped back upstairs shouting at stef that we were NEVER to do or say anything nice to the little shit ever again.
Stef of course was furious, he was all set to go down and teach the little sod a lesson, but I pointed out ‘what was the point?’ We lay there listening to the ongoing 1940’s hit list and tried to calm our anger and get back to sleep – it took a while, at least next door had stopped banging – he’d obviously heard the altercation and decided to give up too.

Sadly people like this have no concept of right or wrong if it interferes with their comfort, I really do not want to get into any dialogue with the little oik ever again and am now quite happily looking forward to the day we can move out of this pit and live somewhere we may actually be able to converse with our neighbours without resorting to curses or homicidal impulses.

It’ll also be nice to go somewhere I can get a good nights sleep and not wake up feeling like a tonne of crap like I did today *sigh* anyone got a country home in need of house sitting for a year or 2?
Seriously *grin* just gimme a shout and I’ll be there – I’ll even look after dogs or cats in situ, just don’t expect affection, feeding yes, affection no – I am not an animal person..

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