News and dreams

I’m even dreaming about the guy downstairs now.
This is not good..

I was asleep (in my dream) and something woke me up and prompted me to go down to the front door. Just as I got to the bottom of the stairs I heard the gate go and then there was a knock so I opened the door. Gay guy is there leaning ont o the wall brandishing a £20 note in my face.
I waved his hand aside and asked what he wanted, that’s when I noticed his face was cut up and his clothes were a mess.
He was looking quite distressed and said he’d been mugged in town and he didn’t have his keys and no-one could come out to him for another 4 hours at least and it was cold outside..
I told him he couldn’t come in because he’d behaved like a wanker towards us. He started brandishing the money at me again and when I waved it aside he started kicking the fence and hurling abuse at me.
I waited till he’d quietened down and in a very calm quiet voice told him that we’d been nothing but good to him when he moved in and in return I’d had nothing but abuse and a door slammed in my face.
I then shut the door and went back upstairs and fell into bed asleep..

D’ya think my subconcious is trying to say something here? Not sure what the £20 was all about though, perhaps it was symbolic; even money will not induce me to help out that sorry excuse of manhood downstairs again – not even in my dreams lol

Anyhow, I had a lovely long chat with my cousin Ria yesterday, it was good, I really don’t speak to her often enough – or Jasmine for that matter, I may have to give her a bell today and see how the nursing course is going. I also found out that my best mate was in a car accident (again, if I ever get a car I’d have to really think about letting her ride shotgun, she’s jinxed!) Apparantly her sister was driving along the road (as you do) when a car just reversed out of a side road straight in front of her – said driver then got out and gave her a load of abuse.
Claire soon put him straight (*grin* that bit I wouldn’t mind seeing, Claire is not a lass to cross when pissed off!) sadly she’s been back at the A&E, seems she’s managed to crunch some muscles or something and her arm is not getting enough blood circulating.. Quite worrying to my mind but she’s making do, she’s just concerned about a gig she’s got in Birmingham this week because she’s in a fair amount of discomfort from the sounds of it.

I guess I’d best get beading, these pressies are not making themselves and I’m off to the cinema this evening to meet Dawn and watch ‘the devil wears prada’ (mainly because Stef refuses to come see it with me) tomorrow we’re going to costco with gran, she wants a look around and I want to get some of the Italy pics printed off (if you want to see ’em all go here and ignore the keswick ones, that’s just Stef mucking about at the lakes with Dave and Andy.. Kids, that’s what they are..)
I love costco, not really to buy stuff, just to wander around and think about buying stuff.. Bet I come out with some more of those crepes though, food generally in fact, must remember to eat a fair bit before we go.. It’s too tempting in there when hungry!