It’s a chocolate christmas

I woke up this morning after dreaming that i’d gone downstairs to open my gifts only to find everyone else had already opened theirs and half of the things we’d brought were missing – instead there were just hundreds of chocolate eggs – and all the ones i’m not too keen on, cadburys caramel and kinder and some other nasty ones of that size.. it was very weird.

Anyhow, we did go downstairs and I think this year the gifts all round were the most thoughtful they’ve ever been! Robert was over the moon with the cd we got him (a bit too ecstatic really considering he specifically asked me for it months ago) Eileen liked the watch I made her and dad was reet chuffed with the whiskey Stef had picked out for him – though the ‘hit’ was probably a toss up between ‘the dangerous book for boys’ I got Stef (Robs jealous lol) and the ‘technical writing for dummies’ book I got off eBay as a joke for dad (him being a technical author and stuff, he’s responsible for part of the sellafield safety manual *grin* wait til they see THAT at work..)

I got a pamper care package in my ‘stocking’ including a reflexology foot roller, bath products a book – and some Lindt 85% cocoa dark chocolate.
Now this is where my dream was a tad freaky – I hate dark chocolate BUT the thought behind this gift was something special.

There’s been a study done at Hull about the effects of chocolate on sufferers of M.E/ CFS and it turns out that eating 45g of dark chocolate containing 85% cocoa solids may help ease the symptoms. Dad had read this and told Eileen about it so they thought it’d be a great idea – I was really touched at the thought.

Sadly I struggled through my first lot (and I do mean struggled, I’m not good with bitter stuff) but it had no real effect on me, we went to the morning mass and I crashed, poor Stef had to help me stay upright on the pew then half carry me back to the car. It was so embarrassing.

*sigh* I don’t think I’ll ever get used to a public attack – I just feel so humiliated when I drop – it’s like seeing a puppet who’s strings have been cut.. It probably wouldn’t be so bad but i’m still aware of what’s going on around me, i just can’t do anything about it, even my eyelids are to heavy to open never mind moving my arms or legs.

Ah well. That aside, I’m having a great christmas – and that dinner smells gorgeous! I cannot wait to feed!

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