This week oive been mostly..


Yup, the CFS has reared it’s ugly little head and attempted to steal my life again – this time around though I haven’t crumpled into a weeping wreck at the unfairness of it all. Stef took me into town on wednesday so I could meet up with Dawn, he’s a good lad really, there should be more about like him!

I’ve cancelled so many meetups with Dawn through this illness that I’m amazed she still bothers with me so I really didn’t want to miss this one but I just couldn’t face the bus journey – even though I’d been in bed for a good 4 hours in an attempt to gather some energy for the outing. Anyhow, Stef drove me in despite it being 5pm and the journey back was likely to be murder for him, I got there not long after she did and we went in to watch a cracking film.

I definitely recommend ‘The Holiday’ to anyone who likes a film that makes you laugh, cry and wince a little at the outright stupidity of some people..

Anyhow, I made it home and basically collapsed, but it was worth it. I do love a good film, and seeing Dawn is always fun.

3 thoughts on “This week oive been mostly..

  1. April D.

    Dawn is a good friend and that’s why she still bothers 😉

    I’m thinking about hitting the town to catch that flick; hopefully I can find the time. Thanks for the mini review – I’m definitely interested now!

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