I’ve had my first bad eBay experience and it smarts.

I ordered a load of 4mm bicone crystals just before christmas and asked that they not be shipped until the new year, I only started worrying when the transaction disappeared from ‘my ebay’ without notice.

I had to search through my emails for the paypal reciept to find out who the seller was, once I checked for them on eBay it was only to find that they are no longer registered. What’s really typical is that this is the largest multiple order I’ve yet to make on eBay – the guy hasn’t responded to either of my emails so now I’m going to have to see if paypal can help me recover my cash – frankly I’m not too hopeful to be honest.

The thing is – he was a powerseller and when I made my order had 99.9% positive feedback – so the question is, do I give ’em the benefit of the doubt and continue to wait, or do I commence paypal retribution (such as it is) the thing that worries me is the tone of the last response on his feedback page, it doesn’t sound very professional and so I really doubt he’ll be too bothered about sending me my goods – after all £24 is a lot of money to me, but most people would not see it that way and though they may curse a bit would just write it off as not worth the hassle.

Meh i’ll give him a couple of days to at least respond to todays email, if I get nothing back by wednesday I’ll try paypal. You know what’s really bugging me – if I hadn’t asked for the delay in shipping I’d have received them before he left ebay so as usual it’s my own fault something has gone wrong *sigh* ah well.. That’ll teach me.

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  5. debambam

    Don’t ebay have some sort of comeback thing aswell??? That just plain old sucks…I’ve often wondered myself about the sellers that have such apparent high volume and great feedback….is it all falsely generated? Good luck with chasing it all up, keep us posted ok?

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