Christmas crashes and goodwill to all men

On the whole I’ve not had too bad a holiday season, good company, great food and many a gift all combine to create a feeling of general goodwill, the only fly in the ointment was this crappy illness rearing it’s ugly little head and preventing me from seeing my bestest bud.

We’d gone round to one of Stefs cousins for the evening, I was feeling a bit tired but since I practically always feel a bit tired it didn’t flag any warnings, it was just after we’d eaten I started to feel myself slipping into the more exhausted state I get just before I crash, excusing myself from the table I went to lay down on the couch and endured the nasty bubbling blood/ prickly skin sensation a bad one brings and managed to slip into a real sleep state.

When Stef woke me up to say we were leaving it was pretty apparant I was having a bad one, I just couldn’t move – I had to fight to be at least semi conscious as he struggled with my shoes and coat, sadly to no avail – I still had to be carried down  several flights of stairs by Stef and his brother-in-law (both making pointed remaks about the benefits of dieting the whole time)
The worst part of it was that I got frustrated at not being able to move or speak and so I started crying – then I got embarrassed and couldn’t stop crying which in turn made me feel even more embarrassed, thankfully Stef’s sister broke the rather stunned silence this brought about and carried on the conversation they were having which helped me gain a little control over my emotions, but I’ll be squirming about that one for ages.
Sadly this little episode meant that I had to cancel visiting my bestest bud the next day – I spent practically all day in bed again *sigh* I seem to be doing that a lot lately,
We stopped off to see my baby bro in Northampton and ended up going to an indian restaurant – but it was like no Indian restaurant I’ve been before – and trust me, we’ve got the corner on Indian restaurants in Manchester – Rusholme and the curry mile are famous – yet they’ve got nothing on this place.
If you happen to be passing through Northampton I’d suggest stopping by Cardamom City on Wellingborough road – I had my doubts when we passed by, it seemed a little too ‘swish’ but despite the incredibly expensive looking exterior the food is reasonably priced and tastes fabulous, the staff are attentive and uber polite – and this is the first Indian restaurant I have ever seen with female staff, it’s a nice touch.
I had the Mogali chicken, very similar to a korma but with Mano pieces, unlike the usual portions you get in an Indian, these come nicely presented and it’s just enough to fill you up without having to force it all down in an attempt not to waste food, I wouldn’t recommend the desserts though, it was the only thing that let the place down – I like my desserts.

One thought on “Christmas crashes and goodwill to all men

  1. debambam

    Bugger about the crashes, I don’t suppose it ever gets any easier does it? Do you ever get any warnings at all?

    heh, i’ve pinched your way of responding Kel – this comment editing feature is great isn’t it?

    Sometimes I do, it’s never much though, I just start to feel myself ‘going’ it’s like things become a little distant and i need to lie down – other times I get pins and needles and a bubbly sensation under the skin – it’s not nice but they precede a bad one so i know to get somewhere safe and lie down asap when that happens.

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