Dirty weekend in Durham

Well, not really a dirty weekend, but it sounds good *grin*

One of Stef’s friends got married on Saturday, we had to go really – he made Stef do a reading at the wedding (which he got through in magnificent style despite his qualms about using the word ‘foibles’ *chuckle*) When we tried to book a room at the hotel where the wedding was being held there seemed to be none available so we booked a cottage in West Aukland instead:

front roomkitchen

As you can see, the cottage was gorgeous, not a warm place by any means, but certainly comfortable, the furnishings were obviously handpicked to suit the surroundings – and there was even a framed picture of Henry VIII on the windowsill.

Lumley castle hotel appears to be very much the same – albeit on a larger scale. The wedding was fabulous and the best mans speech definitely one of the funniest I’ve heard (and seen) in a while, peppering the pauses with childhood photo’s of the groom on the big screen was just sheer genius!The best part had to be the dinner though – just thinking about that food has me salivating! Never have i had such an outstanding meal at a wedding – and I’ve been to a few, I’m more than happy to go back and eat in the restaurant if the wedding fare was a true sample..

It was not just the food that made the meal though. We were entertained muchly by the cousin of the best man. He has some interesting theories about our history and that of an alien race due to return sometime in the next 4 years (I was carrying on duel conversations so I missed the exact details) he quite happilly passed around photo’s of stones from Scotland and slightly farther shores as proof of alien life.

Stef had to jump in and question his sanity though when he unveiled his money making scheme.
Apparantly he has the coordinates of a pyramid deep under the sea, found while travelling the world in search of these stones. He wants to sell this information to the highest bidder and go on an expidition to document it – and I’m talking millions of pounds here – the guy doesn’t think small!

I know, it sounds like the synopsis of a hollywood blockbuster – to be honest he’d have more luck selling an idea for that than these coordinates, but after checking with his cousin it seems he is deadly serious.
They all treat it as a big joke but I’ve rarely come across a person as passionate as he is about his cause, he takes the ribbing good naturedly but about him there’s an air of “I know Im right so say what you will, i’ll leave you with your
delusions, you’ll soon be laughing on the other side of your face..”

He’s even got a radio interview scheduled in Berlin about it, apparantly he figured there’s a higher percentage of people over there likely to be interested in what he has to say, Britain is just too small..

Would you believe the guy was willing to pay some company £35 a month to keep a website going!? It’s not even one with a database or shopping cart, he just wants a small 1-2 page affair with writing and sample pictures, I told him he was nuts to pay that – especially considering he already has the domain name and email set up. After a long chat I said I might be willing to help him set up a website, I hate to see people ripped off and £35pm for what he wants is bloody daylight robbery! I’ll let you guys know if anything comes of that but first I’ve promised my bass player I’d do one for his business so that takes priority – he asked first.

Anyhow it was a great day, we didn’t do anything too taxing but there was a lot of standing around and conversation tires me, towards the latter part of the meal I was stumbling over my words again and resorting to more of the dark chocolate fix to get me through (I don’t think anyone noticed though, they were all drinking so I probably fit in quite well)

Sunday was a bit of a let down because I’d obviously used up my energy quotient the day before, but at least I was spending all day in bed in extremely pleasent surroundings, today we stopped off at Botany bay on the way home, what a waste of time and money! They make you pay to go in and it’s basically a big pile of cack! it’s just a cluster of trading units 90% of which is crafts and junk, on the plus side after seeing what they were charging for some of the stuff it made me feel better about my jewellary making skills – I saw nothing as intricate as my stuff, I should really start selling it soon.

3 thoughts on “Dirty weekend in Durham

  1. April D.

    Love the pictures! I’m such a visual learner 😉

    Very exciting to hear about the possibilities of you designing a website. Ahh, the good ol’ days – I miss the design side but not much else!

  2. mojo shivers

    I’ve never stayed in a cottage before but I’ve always wanted to. It sounds really nice. Plus, you’re always in a happier mood for weddings.

    Oh it’s great, we always tend to use the english country cottages people for short uk breaks – we stayed at one in thirsk with friends last year, they’re always gorgeous and it’s nicer than a hotel – usually works out cheaper too if there’s a group of you.

  3. debambam

    Sounds like a good time was had by all! Hey let me know if you get that website going..sounds interesting!

    You’ll be the first to know Kel, I’ll probably be emailing you for help *grin*

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