High school musical

I’ve seen this thing everywhere – and I do mean everywhere, Claire started talking about it tonight because apparantly all her kids love it (by ‘her kids’ I mean the ones she teaches music to) so I asked her what the deal was – this sparked off a huge discussion with her sister about the best tunes and why it reminded them of the brit school etc etc

After about 5 minutes of this I repeated the ‘whats so good about it?’ question and they put it on.

I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in ages – yes, most of the tunes are quite cool and catchy, some of the characters are amusing and look as though they’re supposed to be, but the acting?! Oh man! I know it’s a kids film but some of it was so wooden and well.. crap that I had to laugh. But in a way that was part of the reason I enjoyed the film – it reminded me so much of some of the people I’ve known in my life – both from school and the 4 years I studied theatre and from my musical experiences. The characters are 2 dimensional at best but it’s a light fluffy film with a bouncy score, great for kids and ok for a nights entertainment if you’re not up for anything even remotely taxing.

Not one I’d rush out to buy though..

We also ate out at some American diner type place in Cheam.. I wasn’t that impressed – Stefs turned me into a food snob. I was actually horrified when the waiter came over and asked if we were finished with the dressings (they came in 4 bowls with tea spoons on a tray) he then handed them over to another table – surely that’s a hygiene no-no? for all he knew we’d licked the spoons (we hadn’t but that’s beside the point)

I had a chicken salad because my stomachs been dodgy all day and I figured I was safer with raw food.. Didn’t expect the chicken to show up that way though – I know a little pink can be a sign of well cooked chicken so I wasn’t too fussed at first, but as I peeled away the layers of flesh it went from slightly pink to white to red and that can’t be good.
At least the chocolate fudge cake was as expected. You can’t go wrong with hot fudge.

Oh.. and the thing that tickled me the most today?
I overheard a conversation between 2 builders while travelling from Clapham junction to Sutton, one was extolling the virtes of an eatery somewhere near timperly road – whilst giving directions to the other lad he said “It’s just at the corner of the road that lad was shot the other week” I had to bite my cheeks to keep from laughing out loud.

A. surely there is something a little more permanent to use as a landmark

B. would you really seek out a place to visit in an area known for gun crime?

No wonder the food is so cheap mate.

2 thoughts on “High school musical

  1. debambam

    I am so sick of this damn movie it’s not funny! Zoe loves the damn thing..and the scariest part? If I happen to be walking past as she is watching, I find myself sitting down with her, until I realise I’m a grown women with shit to do and think to myself OMG what the hell am I doing!! And I know all the words to all the songs thanks to the damn soundtrack nanny bought her for christmas….
    hmm hot fudge! YUMMO!!

  2. hummingbird

    Ah sounds like the chocolate therapy is working for you! 🙂 Nice to see you sounding chipper and animated.

    To be honest, I’ve not had any dark chocolate in days, it was making me twitchy and not having quite the same energising effect it did a few weeks ago. I’ll probably give it another go at some point but for now i’ll stick to a decent sleeping schedule (neighbours willing) and try to keep hydrated – seems to work better than chocolate

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