Latest on the ebay fiasco

okies, here’s what I sent to the paypal resolution centre about 2 minutes ago:

I requested confirmation of shipping from the seller as I’d had no correspondnace and they were no longer registered on ebay. I gave them a little more leeway after they emailed me to apologise and state that a job offer over christmas had delayed things.

upon my next request for information I recieved this response:

“hi sorry they have not arrived ill glady send you the tracking number…

please forward a s.a.e with £1.00 to ensure a copy of the receipt (terms & condtitions bexs ebay home page)

please let me know if you would like to proceed


I then requested the tracking number they said they would gladly send me and they responded thusly:

“hi recorded delivery is only to ensure there is a signature at the end they gibe you nay updates to were it is..that special delivery and obvioulsy i would not pay an extra £5.00 for that facility as its no use to me all i can do is send the receipt so you can claim

please let me know what you would like to do


i have had no address given to send this sae, i have had no proof the item has been sent, just an empty promise of proof of posting – that they expect me to pay for! added to which I have no way of checking T&C for bexs ebay home page as they are no longer a registered user!

I would like either the goods i’ve paid for or a full refund of my money.

Sadly I’m expecting no joy from this and I’ve kissed my £24 order of swarovski crystals goodbye because this is the email I just recieved from paypal:

Dear Victoria Stringer,

Your Item Not Received dispute for the payment you sent to TERENCE NORMAN
WHALLEY on 27 Dec 2006 (Transaction 3GN387860A5548516) is now open.

By opening a dispute, you are communicating with the seller, not PayPal,
about this problem transaction. We will email you when your seller posts a
response in the Resolution Centre.

Since I’ve had no joy via email I think it’s highly unlikely I’ll recieve a friendly or businesslike response via paypal.

*sigh* and I was so enjoying the eBay experience *sniff* now I’m ready to distrust everything.

I guess I wouldn’t be quite as morose about it if i hadn’t started up with the cfs aches again, i don’t think this chocolate is really doing me that much good, I’m supposed to avoid caffiene and the effects of the 85% stuff are almost identical to when I drink coffee, I just feel a bit down right now – i’m tired, i hurt and some bastard has taken me for a ride financially – I hate when that happens.

2 thoughts on “Latest on the ebay fiasco

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  2. K. Restoule

    I know that it seems bad right now but with Pay Pal involved, you don’t need goons, you have something far far worse. LAWYERS!! I’m sure that this person, by screwing around with you have violated Pay pal’s service agreement. So tell Pay Pal to “release the hounds”

    Here’s hoping you’re right K but I’m not gonna hold my breath.

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