That’s just extracting the urine!

Before you read any more of the saga you probably need to go here.

Now, the person in question responded to my emails very apologetically stating that they’d just started a new job hence leaving eBay etc etc but not to worry things were being sent out recorded delivery – oh and btw would I be interested in buying all of their stock from them in bulk because it has to go.
I sent a return email wishing them luck and expressing regret that I couldn’t afford such a large purchase.
Yesterday I sent another email querying the whereabouts of my recorded delivery, this is the response:

hi sorry they have not arrived ill glady send you the tracking number…
please forward a s.a.e with £1.00 to ensure a copy of the receipt (terms & condtitions bexs ebay home page)please let me know if you would like to proceed

Now please note that:

  1. They are no longer registered on eBay so how can I check the terms and conditions
  2. I have received no address to send said sae (and more money)
  3. if the item was sent recorded delivery as previously stated why can’t they just send me a tracking number as I asked?

I’m being taken for a ride people, as if it’s not bad enough I’ve had money taken from me under false pretences I’m now being used as a source of amusement for this peice of work.

Anyhow, just because I could be wrong and maybe they are just that stupid and haven’t got a clue I clarified my request with this email:

All I need is the tracking reference number if you sent it recorded delivery as you stated in the last email, I just want to know where royal mail say it’s up to.

Let’s see what response I get to that (if any) should no response be forthcoming I’ll not only register an INR complaint with paypal I shall post the email address on here and on the ebay forums to warn off anyone else from having any financial doings with this person.

I’m NOT happy.

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