Devil man

I know, Rob Zombie is not the best artist to listen to before bed – especially that specific track – it’s all Stefs fault though.
He’s playing CoH again and apparently they now have a streaming radio to listen to and he keeps asking me if i’ve ever heard of the artists on there *tuts* Obviously I had to bring up my ‘stefsout’ playlist to prove I’m not as woefully behind the times as he is.. Hmm..  I think I’m starting to warm to this gaming addiction if he’s finally beginning to lean towards my taste of things instead of the usual whingy indie stuff he tends to prefer *grin*

But enough on the CoH musical front the lovely lass who emailed me this piccy earlier:

perfume cartoon

Has also told me about some computer stores (Samsung, she thinks) using electronics-perfumed air-con additives to enhance the ambience of their stores. Surely this cannot be true? I mean.. Really?

K? You are my very own fave geek over the pond, Canada is not the US of A (Thank god! I hear you cry) but google is not being my friend on this point – care to offer clarification or rebuttal? I’d love to know the poor lass is merely misguided and that those crazy yanks are not quite as crazy as us brits think.. (y’know, all election results, movie stars and religious fruitcakes aside)

I’m am now officially a bandless singer, but to be honest, I’m not that fussed because it’s actually quite a relief, it means I don’t have the constant worry of letting them down weighing on my shoulders – though the fact i’ve been asked to do a few more online collabs has helped soften the blow a tad *grin* nothing like feeling wanted to ease the sting of loss eh?!

Oh and a swift “hey how ya doing?” to Gillys mum *waves* cheers for stopping by and telling the wee lassie about me *grin* that email made me chuckle muchly – i’m used to being mistaken for other people in real life so having someone mistake me for someone else in the virtual arena was a pleasant change ;0)

Isn’t it funny how our virtual lives grow to mirror our real ones..?

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  1. K. Restoule

    I think she’s a little misguided. Usually an electronics store blast your hearing and your vision but not your sense of smell. Also only Sony has a brand name store and they try to make themselves look like jewelery store. That way you’re not suppose to mind paying an extra 10% as opposed to Best Buy or Future Shop.

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