Isn’t life grand?!

In an abrupt change of mood from the last few days i’m going to bed full of the joy of life – no I don’t mean i’m preggers, I am however pretty happy right now.

Since I wasn’t at a band practice and Stef didn’t feel like cooking we went to the cinema and had a bite to eat at Frankie & Bennys. The film was TRE-mendous! what an absolute corker of A1 entertainment *grin* I kid you not – i’ve not laughed like that in months!

The name of this delightful explosion of belly laughs? Why obviously it had to be:


We’ve been waiting for this to come out for a while and thankfully it didn’t disappoint. There are moments of complete gross out (you’ll know the ones I mean when you see it) because they didn’t stint on the ‘oldskool special effects’ but the humour is superb. I’d love to be in a film with these guys because it looks like it’d be just one big laugh from start to end.
Now I cannot wait for their next effort *grin* Sean of the dead was ok, this was fantastic – surely they can only get better? Either way, this is one for the purchase list no two ways about it.