Banana cake

Today I have reigned supreme in the kitchen.. Only because himself wasn’t here of course, but supremely reigning I was indeedy.
I have made the lightest, tastiest banana and pecan cake ever. Seriously – it’s to die for. It could be because I used half the sugar I normally do, it could be because I used eggs laid by the most cossetted chickens in the country (now hows that for knowing where your food came from eh?!) or maybe it’s because I finally got wise to the vagaries of our cooker and managed to not burn the bottom whilst leaving the middle undercooked (as usually happens)

Either way – a triumph. it may not last the night though so here’s hoping I can repeat this marvel by the time we have guests.

I felt like sharing something that caught my eye in the local free paper (sadly the story isn’t in the online edition so I can’t show you) Did you know that school children can now learn to operate in ER?!
I kid you not.

Hope hospital have a health program going on that around 30 kids from 2 local schools are taking part in. They get to ‘play’ with a simulator that moans, groans, vomits, bleeds and even has a pulse for them to take. I reckon if I’d had the chance to do this course when I was around the age 14 then maybe I’d have shown some interest in learning more about medicine myself.

Finally – something in our education system I’m not shaking my head in despair over!

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