So I didn’t get DLA, I’m not shocked, the medical assessment was hellish and I knew in my gut I’d be refused any more financial help. It sucks, just because I look normal and healthy i’m obviously faking it as far as they’re concerned, they don’t see me on the days i need to rest up for 90% of my awake time!

Meh, no matter, Stef says not to worry, we’ll manage, I just hate the fact that I’m not able to put in a full 50% to the house and stuff when he already does practically everything else – If I can’t physically help out I should at least be able to hold my own financially *sigh* I guess in this I have to swallow my pride and live with it, I just don’t have to like it.

We’re looking for a new place to live so to K, Pat and everyone else who’s stopped by recently that’s on the move – we feel your pain, thankfully there’s a lot on the market at the moment. Looks like I’ll be moving waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of Manchester, we’d like to move as close to his folks as possible while still being close enough to the M6 so Stef can go into work as and when he needs to (this freelance consultancy stuff is definitely the way to go!) so i’ve been checking out Knutsford and the surrounding area, there are some really nice properties round there, we’ll probably go and have a drive around at some point next week to check out areas and pick up local papers (that way we can see if there are less stories of theft and violence in them than around here, be a good indication of what the area is like)

I do like house hunting, I just hate moving – seriously, my ideal job would be one of those people who just show houses to people, I don’t want to be an estate agent or a lettings agent, just someone who gets to look around flats and houses every other day.

In other news last night I went to my first karaoke in.. ugh.. God knows how long – it was ace, they have a new guy at the Bull on a thursday night, he’s funny and actually keeps it going, there’s very little waiting between singers and it was a fun night.

..of course that may be because I managed to fit in quite a few songs *grin* he really made me laugh, the first song up was ‘Alone’ by Heart, i’m there with the bog standard karaoke mic when about 3 lines into the song he stopped it, explained to the crowd that it sounded REALLY good – and handed me his radio mic LOL hows that for honoured eh?! Didn’t hurt the pride non either 😉
Anyway, I then went on to do a few more : ‘Whoomp there it is’ by Tag team, Jimmy Olsens blues by the Spin doctors (I nearly creamed when I saw that in the book – ace tune!) informer by snow (always good for a laugh) and ‘Building a mystery’ by Sarah Mclachan.

I will be going again next week – assuming i’m up to it and have nothing planned for the friday, it really battered me and i’ve spent most of today in bed – but it was worth it! Thats the first night out I’ve had in ages!

I know this is a ‘nowhere’ post, I did have a fair few ideas the other day – especially after getting on my high horse and spending a few hours on the govt petition site – this one caught my eye and made me chuckle – especially when I noticed how many people have already signed it.. I declined to, I saved my electronic signiture for things I truly believe should happen to benefit the country (all 60 of ’em I signed before Stef made me get away from the pc) though I did briefly consider it – who wouldn’t?

It proved to be intersting reading actually, you really get a feel for what the people think on there – and it’s a resounding message of no confidence in the govts ability to do its job. [sarcasm] Shock horror.. [/sarcasm]
However, I really cannot be arsed blogging about it right now, i’m still tired and wooly headed so all the interesting observations of the last few days can wait.


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  1. Paul

    My heart goes out to you about DLA, my wife has a bad back (don’t groan). She already had an operation once and went back to work. When she was expecting our first bady she fell over at work and since then about 50% of her time is in pain, but since it’s a back problem she has to have tests and she is scaried that she will go on a day when it’s feeling better. It doesn’t make it any better when the good old goverment is trying to take poeple off it ( I have been informed by a doctor that they have been given figures to reach to get people off it or not even on it!)

    It bothers my wife that she cannot really help with the bill etc, as disablity is not a great amount, and wishes she could go to work to help, but I love her and her health is more important to me than money and I’m sure that your other half feels the same.

    I know exactly how your wife feels Paul, that’s the only reason I applied for DLA in the first place – I hate not paying what I percieve to be my fair share. But you’re right, Stef feels exactly the same about me as you do about your wife – i guess that makes us 2 incrediblt lucky gals eh?!

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