Moving on up..

Sadly not in the ‘home’ sense of the word but I have taken the slightly scary first step of looking for work.

I say scary because it is, I’ve not worked for at least 3 years and I’m still not sure if I’m physically ready for such a move – but if I wait until I feel ready I’ll never be ready.

Does that make sense?
Basically there comes a point where you just have to close your eyes, jump in and hope for the best – the point is you have to TRY. Ok, so I may fall flat on my arse and have the worst relapse going – but then again I might not.

Through the JCP I might end up doing the web design course I’ve been talking about for so long or I could end up doing a job I love and meeting some really great people in the process, the point is; I’ll never know unless I try.
Even if I don’t end up with a job I love, I may actually find one I can DO – which means I’ll be contributing, it means I won’t feel like a waster – most importantly it means I won’t be sat at home thinking maybe I should do something because I’ll already be doing it!

Wish me luck, I think I’m gonna need it.

5 thoughts on “Moving on up..

  1. HK

    I do believe that that “sordid imagination” is what you like best about me….

    Not ‘best’ but it’s a close run thing 😉

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  3. HK

    What my suggestion that you become a sex worker illicits absolutely no response, but you expect to hold me to a vague promise about an email? C’mon…

    Too right, why fuel that sordid imagination of yours when I can just ignore it? 😉

  4. HK

    No one is going to pay you to blog, my dear. Nor will you be rewarded with heaps of money for singing karoke. And, as much as I wish it wasn’t true, no one is going to pay you when your CF is acting up and all you can do is lie on your back and moan…although, I think there probably is a way to get paid for lying on your back and moaning, I’m not really sure what the UK’s stance is on that, from a legal standpoint.

    Good luck, darling. The email I’ve been promising is on the way, I swear to doG.

    ..I’m still waiting *taps foot and looks meaningfully at the empty in box*

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