Back to work

I went to the jobcentre plus this morning for my appointment with the DEA adviser, she’s a lovely lass but it was a bit of a wasted trip because the computer system was down and there was not a lot she could tell me without it.
Story of my life that, I’m beginning to think someone somewhere really doesn’t want me working. I asked for the appointment over a month ago *sigh* figures..
I’ve been in the position a few times over the last three years of feeling fit enough to re-enter the rat race and then I’ve fallen flat on my face with a full on relapse so the jobsearch plans were shelved.
This time I decided that, rather than wait around until I feel well enough to find a job, I’ll go in anyway, tell ’em my limitations and get them to find a job that works around me instead of vice versa.

I’m to go back in 2 weeks and hopefully by then the system will be updated and working so she can offer me a little more than a couple of leaflets.

Meh, never mind eh?! On the plus side I was out of the house when the police came around. Apparantly wanker downstairs did have some things stolen (just not the stereo sadly *sniff* why couldn’t they have taken away the Dolly Parton cd?!) he got drunk as a skunk and called it in, no idea why he didn’t do it yesterday when he got back with his friend but it seems the theft has messed with his head slightly.

If he wasn’t such an inconsiderate moron that had called in a couple of thugs to kick my front door in I’d feel quite sorry for him – true pity as opposed to empathy of course, I like to think of myself as a ‘nice’ person but can’t fully empathise with that level of ‘pathetic’.
There is something seriously wrong with him, it’s like he’s on a constant hair trigger waiting to explode. I don’t know any real drug addicts or alcoholics so I couldn’t say if his behaviour is typical, but he should not be allowed out in public that’s for sure.

To quote our friendly PC “the guy’s a loon”

(and I don’t mean that as a slur on you canucks K, over here a loon is someone that’s really ‘not all there’ mentally)